Essencia Express Boiler 50L 2KW (WB 50-A)

Available from all good home brew stores

The high-quality 304 stainless steel 50L, 2KW boiler can distill from 5L to 45L of wash, and comes with a 10-110C thermostat for use also as a mash tun, sparge water heater or urn. I features auto-safety-cutout, 304 SS tap and base, domed lid with 47mm hole, lid clamps, waterproof switch and plug for use with a standard 10 Amp household socket.  An Ideal upgrade or replacement for those with older boilers.  Dispense with messy carbons and clearing agents – use Essencia Super 6 Ultra Pure pro distillers yeast, and the Essencia Carbon Filter System for the purest neutral spirit.  To order, email


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