The Essencia System was invented for craft distillers to product small batches of the finest, purest spirit in a short amount of time.  The essencia boiler and condenser (still) is being reinvented.  The essencia flavours and filter system are recognised as being the best available.
Why is the Essencia Carbon Filter System so good?

Preferred by top distillers, the essencia Carbon Filter System purifies alcohol like no other system, with its high-end multi-stage dual-cartridge system.  First, a ceramic and carbon cartridge purifies the water component.  Then a large, activated carbon cartridge treats the alcohol component, removing congeners resulting in smooth, pure spirit.  It is clean and simple to use – with no need for messy carbon. Simply pour alcohol into the system, allow it to filter, then draw it from the tap.  The unique essencia Carbon Filter System produces the best results by combining the sub-micron properties of ceramic filtration with effectively packed beds of activated carbons made specifically for alcohol treatment. The multi-batch Carbon Cartridge will treat 5 batches, and the Ceramic Cartridge will treat 50 batches before replacement.


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