The Essencia System was invented for craft distillers to product small batches of the finest, purest spirit in a short amount of time.  The essencia boiler and condenser (still) is being reinvented.  The essencia flavours and filter system are recognised as being the best available.
How important is the right yeast?

Low-cost home-distilling systems often use ‘turbo’ yeast.  Turbo yeast packs mostly contain nutrient, along with a strain of saccharomyces cerevisiae.  The large amount of nutrient causes the yeast to ferment fast, but causes yeast-stress and gives off strong unpleasant smell and produces off-flavours in your wash.  Professional Distillers prefer a clean, stackable, temperature-tolerant yeast bred for producing premium quality alcohol, like Essencia Super-6 Ultra Pure Distillers Yeast.  Tolerant to 15-35 degrees Celcius fermentation range.  Produces 13-17% wash in 5-7 days.

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