Essencia Fermenter Set

A super-clean, fully-stackable, temperature-tolerant Professional Distiller’s yeast bred for producing premium quality alcohol.  Tolerant to 15-35 degrees Celcius fermentation range.  Produces 13-17% wash in 5-7 days (even faster at higher temperatures).  Instructions: Completely dissolve 6kg of white sugar or dextrose in 10 litres of hot water.  Top up to 25 litres with cold water so wash temperature is between 25C and 35C.  Add essencia Super 6 yeast packet and stir in.  Maintain temperature between 20C and 35C (28C is optimal).  Fermentation will take approximately 5-7 days.  Target SG is 988 or below.

The Essencia Fermenter set comes complete with adhesive thermometer, lid, tap, grommet and airlock.  The unique tap can pivot 90 degrees for convenience.  Perfect to ferment 6kg of sugar in 25L of water using Essencia Ultra Pure Super-6 distillers yeast.


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