“Your essences are Superior” – Mark from Hastings

Some days are really good days – and you remember why you love what you do. We were rapt to hear from a (new) happy customer today who recently tried Essencia Essences instead of his usual brand. He bought them from his local shop and contacted us asking what other flavours we had. We asked him to let us know what he thought of them compared to his usual. Here is what he said:

“I will be heading to [my local home brew shop] for more of your product. As someone in their 7th decade, I am reasonably familiar with the nuances globally of spirit tastes.  Your essences are exceptionally good and superior to [my usual brand] – in my humble opinion.  We ran Blue Sapphire against SS Blood Orange – Blue Sapphire by some distance (the Blood Orange had been our go to along with Elderflower).  Also tried Essencia Fermanagh [Irish Whiskey], Essencia Scotch Whisky and Essencia Tennessee Bourbon.  They are all very good.  I would however note that Tennessee was a little sweeter than JD.  Notwithstanding, it was very good.  Your essences have depth and are very smooth.  If they are this good straight after being added to raw spirit, we are looking forward to a bit of aging.  Thanks again, Mark.”

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