Review: Impressed with the Essencia Super 6 yeast

May 2023. Hi there. Just wanted to give some feedback … Impressed with the Essencia Super 6 yeast, Day 1 it started bubbling, it was way easier to add as no carbon to faff about with. The temp of the brew also allowed for it to be added with a wider range which was helpful. The overall ambient temp was 18-24 the whole time, the bubbling was clear and no smell . Day 8 good to go. it is so lovely and clear compared to the dark hard to clean up carbon. Love it, barely no to little smell. It has brewed well and fast too, it is better than other yeasts I tried.


Have completed all the distilling now too. Have to say that stuff is awesome much easier clean up and it was lovely and clear and even getting rid of the wash after it was distilled didn’t stink. Won’t be getting the other yeasts again this was awesome. Thanks so much for recommending it to me!


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