Users upgrade Their Essencia stills to 2024 technology

There are thousands of customers who own the original Essencia blue still.  The original boilers are more than 20 years old now, and are at the end of their life.  But the original blue essencia condenser is still going strong.  Hand made in Christchurch, NZ, these original 100% copper condensers are built to last a lifetime.  If they have been sitting around for a while, they may need a good clean with citric acid, and some air blowing through them. With the comnponents available now from good home brew stores in Australia and New Zealand, users are upgrading their stills to the latest 2024 technology. This is bringing them the following benefits: UNIVERSAL PRO-GRADE 2″ TRICLAMP.   EXPANANDABLE.  FAST 3.5 HR BATCH.  94% PURITY. 96% YIELD.  LARGER 5-50L BOILER.  2 IN 1 POT AND REFLUX MODES.  DUAL THERMOMETER.  THERMOSTAT.   

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