The Essencia System was invented for craft distillers to product small batches of the finest, purest spirit in a short amount of time.  The essencia boiler and condenser (still) is being reinvented.  The essencia flavours and filter system are recognised as being the best available.
How is the Essencia Still so effective?

At the heart of the Essencia Express Distilling System is our copper condenser. A compact and highly-efficient condenser, designed in Christchurch, NZ to be configured either as a reflux condenser or a pot-condenser.  In reflux mode, the 1.3 metres of copper coil produces the purest spirit faster than cheaper stills.  Easily change to pot mode to allow the flavour of whisky, bourbon or rum mashes to come through.  Combined with the large 50L boiler, you can double your output.  Click on the product below for more details.

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