The Essencia System was invented for craft distillers to product small batches of the finest, purest spirit in a short amount of time.  The essencia boiler and condenser (still) is being reinvented.  The essencia flavours and filter system are recognised as being the best available.
How does the Essencia System produce superior spirits?

Starting with the finest distillers yeast to ferment the purest neutral spirit. Distill your wash with our compact and highly-efficient copper condenser, configurable either as a reflux condenser or a pot-condenser.  In reflux mode, the 1.3 metres of copper coil produces the purest spirit faster than cheaper stills.  With to pot mode to allow the flavour of whisky, bourbon or rum mashes to come through.  Then filter with the best fileter system on the market – the dual-cartridge Essencia Carbon Filter System.  Age your spirits with genuine Kentucky Bourbon barrel chunks, or use the finest essences available to produce the smoothest most authentic spirits.  Or make your favourite liqueurs simply and easily with Essencia EziBase.

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